Paint with Light

a collage of images protraying slow shutter speed photography using pen lights to draw shapes of hearts etc.

Summer School Photography class learned to paint with light today by adjusting camera settings. We had to black out a room, slow down shutter speed, use a tripod, and adjust other settings as necessary. This is also helpful when photographing fireworks and the night sky.

Field Trip to Blanchard Springs Caverns

a collage of images including students examining underground caverns

This was the first of three groups that toured Blanchard Springs Caverns today. This group included Kindergarten, 5th grade, 7th grade and 8th grade students.

June 2024 Board Meeting

Couch R-I School District Board Meeting
Wed., June 19, 2024 @ 6 p.m.

  1. Monthly Business
    1. Approve Agenda
    2. Approve Consent Agenda
      1. Minutes from May meeting
      2. Activities Report
      3. Revenue and Expense Report
      4. Invoice Register
      5. Authorization to Pay Bills
      6. Administrative Reports
        1. Elementary
        2. High School
        3. Superintendent
    3. PTO/Booster Activity Report
  2. Public Participation
  3. New Business
    1. Seek Bids for Bread, Milk, Propane, Bus and Van Fuel for 2024-25
    2. Approve Adoption of Budget Resolution
    3. Approve Baseline Salary Grant Changes
    4. Roll over 2023-24 Budget to 2024-25
    5. Discuss Progress on the Summer Facilities Projects
    6. Present the Final High School Schedule
    7. Discuss How to Handle Unpaid Lunch Bills
    8. Approve Paint Bid
    9. Set Date to Perform Facilities Walk-through
    10. Summer School Update
  4. Executive Session
    1. Satff
    2. Student
  5. Adjourn Session


FFA: Car Wash

photography of gentleman pressure washing pickup truck

Please make plans to get your car washed Fri., June 14, 2024 behind NAPA in Alton. Jeff Myers of Myers Pressure Washing will be washing cars starting at 8 a.m.. All proceeds go to sending students to Washington Leadership Conference.


Art: Rice Upshaw House Near Dalton, AR

Just a few photos were taken today while we toured the historical Rice Upshaw House near Dalton, AR. After we finished there, we headed to Pocahontas to the park for lunch and the water park for the afternoon. I think the kids had a fun Friday.


FBLA: Googly Eyes

a collage of images with googly eyes

Googly eyes project-giving personality to everyday objects-to start our Monday morning. This was so much fun and the students put together some really good ones. Disclaimer- we all LOVE Dolly, and she is always photographed so perfectly, so when one of the students put crazy eyes on her cardboard cutout we just had to keep it.


FBLA: Waterfalls

same waterfall side by side

The photo on the left was taken with "Auto" settings, to take the photo on the right the camera was manually set to allow for the movement in the water-the shutter being left open longer. It required the camera to be positioned on a tripod so nothing else in the image would blur due to camera shake. We practiced how to take this photo ahead of time using a water faucet.


FBLA: Water Balloon-Fast Shutter Speed

water balloon being popped

Today we adjusted Shutter Speed & ISO to "freeze" the water without it blurring in the photo. This is also going to help these students take better pictures of things in motion that they don't want blurred, this is especially helpful for us in sports photography. We captured some pretty good images, but we do want to try this assignment again with larger balloons to attempt to capture the balloon mid burst.


Art Club: Summer School

collage of students working on art projects

Summer school kicked off this week. The 7th and 8th graders are having a lot of fun while they become entrepreneurs. These students are all getting ready to present their inventions and innovations to "The Shark Tank". Today, most of them were working on their prototypes and recipes for their products. They will be creating business names, slogans, advertisements and will do a presentation to try and get the sharks to invest in their businesses.


FBLA: Depth of Field

close up photo of several toy sheep

We spent the morning learning about the Exposure Triangle: Shutter Speed, ISO & Aperture. After lunch we set up an assignment to practice manually adjusting settings instead of using auto to choose our depth of field, manually changing F-Stop/Aperture settings to adjust focus depth.

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